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Yes! That’s right! In all it’s glory The Be Rad Blog has returned! It looks a little different and I’ve changed a few things. For starters, I purchased a domain. That’s right! Simply type “” into your web browser and violà! You are here. I really wanted to make this thing official and I knew that’s what I needed to do. Considering that I wanted to start fresh again the old version of this blog is dead and gone; although, I will be re-posting 2 posts from the old version of this blog in the very near future. Another change is that I am going to try to only send out good vibes henceforth. I think I will leave my negativity for comments on other people’s blogs. One thing that won’t be changing is FFFFound! Friday. It will be back in all it’s radness. My collection of images has grown greatly and I am eager to share.

Some may be wondering where I went in the absence of TBRB. Well, I started blogging because I was really inspired by all the music blogs that I have been reading as of late, so my initial thoughts when starting TBRB was that it would be mostly a music blog. TBRB ended up being more than that, but in my heart I really really wanted to have a rad music blog. So I stopped doing TBRB to attempt a blog devoted entirely to music. It was fun while it lasted but it was just way too hard! There is way too much out there to be on top of it all and I can only say so much. It was somewhat of a painstaking process trying to think of what music to write about and I just wasn’t feeling it. Frankly, blogging about all the random stuff I love is just way more fun than trying to concentrate only on music.

I’ve got a lot of ideas flowing through this congested brain of mine and like I said, I am very eager to share. So, let’s get back to blogging about all things rad. Shall we?

Be Rad. Enjoy.

Written by theberad

December 14, 2009 at 6:44 pm

Posted in Rad News

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