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Best Songs of 2008

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Re-post note: This was originally posted on January 20, 2009 on the old version of The Be Rad Blog. In my own anticipation of making some end of the year lists for 2009 I was reviewing last year’s contenders. I also just wanted to transfer this post over to the new domain. I am compiling some “Best of…” lists for 2009 at the moment and they should be up shortly.

I have finally done it. I made my list of my top songs of 2008. It’s more like I’ve settled on the choices I have found in the vastness of songs that has become my music library. Things would be so much easier if I didn’t download so much random music. Whatever. I probably forgot a good number of songs that really do belong on this list. I will keep you updated on anything that I feel absolutely necessary to tell you. So here they are:

TOP 10 SONGS of 2008

1. Sebastien Tellier – Divine
There was not a time in the past year that I didn’t enjoy this song. It is so damn poppy and yummy. What’s funny is that for the first couple weeks of listening to this song I had no idea what Tellier was saying. I read the lyrics to find that he was singing about and imaginary gang of extremely good looking men called the Chivers. It really made the song that much better. This song is pure pop happiness done so right it damn near hurts to like it. Don’t be afraid. Just give in. I did. And dear God! Life has been so much better since. Off Tellier’s latest album Sexuality, “Divine” is by far my favorite song of 2008.

2.The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose To Give It
This up-beat banger was not very far behind the top spot. “Any Way…” is such a well written song. The lyrics flow so so well and that is what I absolutely love about it. The entire song is strung so perfectly together that I wanted so dearly to be able to sing right along. The head bobbing to thumping beat just wasn’t enough. After a could weeks of listening to this song non-stop, I got the lyrics down and it never failed too get my heart pumping. This song is an electro-pop infection you can’t help but itch.

3. Christov – Night Skies
Relatively new, virtually unknown and undoubtedly amazing, I can’t wait to see what else Christov brings me in 2009. “Night Skies” is a wonderfully titled track because the feelings and images it elicits are exactly that; of night skies. I can’t help but imagine myself speeding along a desolate road in a convertable car with the top down and a full moon and crystal clear skies shining down on me. The overall dark ambiance of the track is amazing and irresitiable. No lyrics needed on this one, the beat does all the talking and leaves you wanting more.

4. Frankmusik – 3 Little Words
This song was released in 2007 on the Frankisum EP but, Mr. Vincent Frank re-released the song on its own 3 Little Words EP this year along with an outstanding video to boot. So there…yes, this is a 2008 track. It’s pure pop and I really can’t get enough of it. The video pulls inspiration from the 80’s as does much of Frankmusik’s music. I’ve posted this song and video in the past here, but I am now posting the new version of the song that is shorter and sweeter. This song is pure and blissful and I love love love it!

5. Appaloosa – The Day We Fell In Love
This is an amazingly simple love song that I have no doubt with capture your heart and then set it free again. The opening piano, the mellow beat and sinister lyrics. What is not to love, I don’t know. “Two hearts…unchained. Flying.” Try not to imagine a two stereotypical hearts with wings. I dare you…it’s impossible. Just like it’s impossible to not like this song.

6. The Last Shadow Puppets – Standing Next To Me
What really made me fall in love with song was the video.Watch it here. It’s so Beatle-esque and I love it. Orchestrated music gets me going to0. Put it all together and you get this wonderful gem. Barely topping 2 minutes, this song, from two lads who consider The Last Shadow Puppets a side project – Alex Turner and Miles Kane – is an all-star single that inspired me to purchase the entire album, which I highly recommend. Oh yeah…I love nearly all things English, including those foppish accents.

7. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
Another amazing up-beat and dancy instrumental with a sky-themed name. What I love most about this song is the drasitic break at about 2 mintues which comes back with stronger and heavier reprise that ends that song in epic fashion. When the reprise hits, it hits hard and you’ll have a hard time not clenching your fists and blowing them back up in unison with the song. This songs never fails to get me moving.

8. The Battle Royale – Wake Me Up
This song rocks my socks right off! My initial thoughts were that it was a mix between Organ Donor and Seven Nation Army; the analogy still fits. It’s just a rocking song that has no bullshit and no tricks. It’s simple and rockin’. Rock out with your cock out!

9. Empire of the Sun – Half Mast
To me, Empire of the Sun are the Australian version of MGMT, but better. Their get up is better and their music is too. And there aren’t a hundred thousand 12 year olds dressing and wetting their pants over them either (at lease not yet). That point aside, this song is a true 80’s inspired anthem that should make all the keytar players out there go and get theirs out of their storage units. If you haven’t notice, the 80’s are back and here to stay (hopefully only for a bit). But with this song, the 80’s have never sounded so new and fresh.

10. This Is Ivy League – Visions of Tokyo
I recently visited Japan and went to Tokyo. I listened to this song well before I went on the trip only hoping that my experiences would allow me to make this song a reality. I’m happy to say that my wish came true! This is Ivy League write some serious pop tunes that would make even Brian Wilson smile. I haven’t gotten my hands on the LP yet, but from what I’ve found around the net, these guys can write some really dreamy shit. Closer you eyes, turn on your imagination and let it run wild.

So there it is kids. My top 10 songs of 2008. I know it took a while, but at least you have it. If you want the individual tracks, go out there and get ’em. Support the artists. Plus I don’t want to put myself in any type of copyright problems. Have them all in a beautiful package below.


Be Rad. Enjoy.

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December 16, 2009 at 3:33 pm

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