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Christmas is over

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I am happy and relieved that Christmas is over. It isn’t that I don’t like Christmas, believe me I do; I was just really stressed out about buying gifts this year. All went well, everyone liked what I gave them and I got a bunch of stuff I wanted / needed. Nothing was put up on the blog because I was too busy basking in the nothingness of a four day weekend.

Taking four days to do a whole lot of nothing left a nice digital pile of goodies to go through on the internets.

First off, one of my favorite producers, RAC, gave away a little holiday gift in the form of RAC 1.5. With four remixes well worth your time, I highly recommend this little EP if you’re in the mood for some big remixes sure to leave you wanting more. The Honeythieves remix is by far my favorite and included below. Get the rest of the RAC 1.5 here.

Honeythieves – Reminder (RAC remix)

Secondly, head over to ilictronix to pick up some more holiday goodies in the form of The Angel EP by Evil Stereo. It’s dancey, so if you need to dance some lbs off your fat ass, this will help. The guys at ilictronix definitely know their house music and Evil Stereo is no expection.

Dance tunes make great gifts.

Be Rad. Enjoy.

PS: I am still working on my best of 2009 lists, so be patient, they will be up.

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December 28, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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