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Mundane Mondaze Mash-Up 3: Runnin’ With The XX

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It seems to me that most mash-ups have some rap or hip-hop involved. It makes sense though. Rap and hip-hop producers are notorious for sampling old soul and funk songs to make that new dope beat. In essence, mash-up producers have just turned the tables by sampling rap lyrics and then putting them over the beat of a different song. The process of producing a track has essentially been reversed. Rap, to me, isn’t the most accessible music genre to jump in to. For this reason, I really appreciate mash-ups as they are my key source of new rap actually worth listening to.

The XX are an indie band out of England that were all the rage last year and frankly still are. Their haunting minimalistic approach to making music is ideal for background music and falling asleep. Although, the intro track, aptly named “Intro,” is quite a heavy bass-tastaic beat that anyone would want to use. “Intro” has been used quite a bit now, but my favorite is the Biggie and 2Pac mashup by Quix and Elliot Caps. This track hits really nice and the monologues of Biggie and 2Pac fit so well into the song. Just barely hitting two and a half minutes this baby is short but sweet; you’ll definitely be hitting the repeat button.

The XX vs Biggie and 2Pac – Runnin’ With The XX (Quix and Elliot Blend)

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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May 10, 2010 at 1:30 pm

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