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Monarchy – Autumn Mix

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My favorite mystery duo, Monarchy, just put out a nice mix for everyone to enjoy. I love their word choice. “Autumn.” It sounds so much better – much more sophisticated – than “Fall.” I honestly just can’t get enough of these guys. I really can’t. They’re one of those bands. Instant gold. Oh, and another thing I like (more like love) is how Monarchy gives each one of their remixes a special sub-title. Here, the “Black Galaxy” and “White Nebulae” remixes are slightly different than the original remixes (now you have to listen).

Monarchy: Autumn Mix 2010 by Monarchy

Track List:

1. Justin Bieber 800% – USmile
2. Fyfe Dangerfield- She Needs Me (Monarchy “Black Galaxy” remix)
3. DJ Hell feat. Brian Ferry – U Can Dance (Tim Goldsworthy remix)
4. Pure and Easy – Tape 2 Tape
5. Mystery Jets- Dreaming of Another World (Lindstrom and Prinz Thomas remix)
6. Invisible – FM Attack
7. Monarchy- Love Get Out of My Way (Tim Goldsworthy remix)
8. Jamiroquai – White Knuckle Ride (Monarchy “White Nebulae” remix)
9. Pacific! – Narcissus
10. OMD- Messages
11. Monarchy – Gold in the Fire (Diamond Cut remix)
12. Justin Bieber 800% – USmile

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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September 15, 2010 at 10:28 am

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