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RAC never fails for produce excellent remixes. When I see those three capitalized letters trailing a song name I know that I’m in for a treat. Here, RAC has taken an artist whom I’ve never heard of, Jayme Dee, and an original song by her that I probably never would have listened to, “Love Whiplash”, and turns it into a pop gem I find charming and worthy of numerous repeat listens. Some may say it is a fault, but I cannot resist pop music. It’s happy, upbeat and when it’s done right, it’s oh so good. Seriously though, this RAC remix is a nice jam. It’s a cutesy love song about broken hearts, kind of typical, but RAC really electrifies and elevates the song into something much much more.

Jayme Dee – “Love Whiplash (RAC Remix)”


When checking in with RAC (more like grabbing the link to their site) I noticed they remixed Empire of the Sun’s song “Walking On A Dream.” Old song, new remix. RAD!!!!

Empire of the Sun – “Walking On A Dream (RAC Remix)”

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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October 27, 2010 at 8:42 am

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