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The Streets are back on the interwebs!

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My favorite Englishman, Mike Skinner, has finally made his way back to the interwebs. Famous for being the mind and voice behind The Streets, Mike Skinner is one hell of a rapper and producer. About a year ago, though, he just disappeared. And by disappearing, I mean he stopped posting on his Twitter. I’m sure he still existed, but it’s not like I actually know the guy. Besides, he’s across the pond anyway. Anyway, last year, before he “disappeared,” he had been busy posting tons of demos from his up-coming album (which is rumored to be his last) and a slew of mini-mixes. So when he abruptly produced only silence I was surprised and franky, a little worried too. I’m not sure where he went or why, but it seems like his conscientious decision to rid himself of his phone for one year is the reason behind the internet silence. Whatever he had going on, I’m just glad The Streets are back in action!

Exactly one year after his last post from 2009, Mr. Skinner posted the URL to his new website. Since then, The Streets have been busy putting out vignette style videos and an occasional podcast to appease to minions. In addition to that, the official video for “Trust Me” just got posted too! The Streets’ return to the web hopefully is a signal that their new album will be hitting the streets soon. Well, actually, it wouldn’t be that soon; there is a countdown clock on his website that I am going to assume is for his new album. Anyway, check out my favorite mini-video and the official “Trust Me” video below and be sure to stay in the loop when it comes to all thing that are The Streets.

When it comes to rap, The Streets are my favorite. This quick witted Brit has the best lyrics and beats ever. American rappers got nothin’ on this guy.

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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October 29, 2010 at 10:11 am

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