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Rad Design // Goggles Umbrella by 25togo

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I’d totally be lying if I didn’t admit to reading Goggles Umbrella as “Google’s Umbrella.” Oops.

Joking aside, how rad is this umbrella design? 25togo designed these Googles Umbrellas and they’re to die for. I know I’ve always wanted to bury myself completely in my umbrella and if I had this one, I really could! I love the periscope detail as well: it’s a nice little touch.

Goggles Umbrella // by 25togo

Goggle Umbrella // by 25togo

Goggles Umbrella // by 25togo

Even though I live in a place where rain is hardly ever an issue, I would love to own one of these. Wouldn’t you?

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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February 7, 2011 at 9:04 am

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