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Rad Music // RAC VOL 2

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Not the newest of news but most definitely worthy of mentioning on this wonderful blog of mine.

RAC VOL 2 comes out tomorrow, March 4!

RAC is an acronym for Remix Artist Collective and they happen to put out some of the best remixes EVER! Duh. They’ve been releasing teaser tracks for VOL 2 since Monday and they, of course, are nothing short of rad. My favorite is the remix of “New Theory” by Washed Out. I didn’t think you could remix a dreamy song to sound dreamier but they’ve done it. Oh boy it’s dreamy. Listen and download the track below then head over to RAC’s website to check out two other remixed tracks the will be appearing on RAC VOL 2 tomorrow.

Be Rad. Enoy.

Written by theberad

March 3, 2011 at 8:12 am

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