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Rad Music // New MSTRKRFT

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Ah yes. The music gods have been listening to my pleas – they have blessed me with more tunes from two of my favorite producers.

JFK and Al-P, the duo that make up MSTRKRFT, put out the song “Beards Again” on their website yesterday. It seemingly crashed though, as every time I tried to grab it, there was no connection. Well, their site is back up, so head over there to grab the free track in WAV form. If the overwhelming WAV format isn’t your thing, grab the mp3 right here.


“Beards Again” is one hell of a song. It starts with some very Iron Maiden sounding guitars matched with MSTRKRFT’s perfectly paced distorted synths. The campy guitars bring you in to one crazy ass drop 3 minutes in; then the dance party starts. The guitars come back, but in the hard hitting electro style everyone has come to expect from MSTRKRFT.

Their debut LP, The Looks,  is considered by many to be pure electro gold, while some say they missed the mark with their sophomore effort, Fist Of God. Considering this, I don’t think MSTRKRFT are going to be letting anybody down with the next full length. Can’t wait!

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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March 16, 2011 at 10:53 am

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