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Rad Music // Cat Cat Cat

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Cat Cat Cat is a mysterious cool cat who was kind enough to send me a track to post – what a nice guy. I can’t say much more than that because, well, there isn’t much to be found other than his Bandcamp and empty Facebook. Ah, but who cares, Cat³ makes some cool tunes and that’s all that matters.

The track he sent over is “Deeper” which is a solid house track; it’s upbeat and crisp with a semi-sexual vibe going on. Mr. Cat Cat Cat was nice enough to let you guys download it for free – again, what a nice guy – so give the song a listen and download to your heart’s desire. If you dig the sound, be sure to give the whole Deeper EP  a listen.

Cat Cat Cat – “Deeper” (download)

I perused Cat Cat Cat’s Bandcamp some more to find some really stupendous music, especially “Brothers & Sisters.” Keeping with the classic house vibes, this is my favorite song by the dude. Really good house revival stuff. He has more good house tracks so check out that Bandcamp already broseph!

To top it off, Monsiur Cat³ also has two interesting EPs – Taste and Drive – for you to download. Taste is short and experimental (reminiscent of Mr. Oizo)  and Drive is lo-fi and hypnotic (chillwavey?). Both EPs are lots of fun and make for good listening. Watch and listen to the videos below for “Streets” (from Taste) and “Simply Superb” (from Drive) to cop a feel.

Cat Cat Cat – “Streets” (download)

Cat Cat Cat – “Simply Superb” (download)

Cat Cat Cat – Bandcamp, duh! Give this guy some money already!

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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April 5, 2012 at 10:09 am

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  1. Awesome baby awesome.

    Awesome baby awesome.

    June 10, 2012 at 6:32 am

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