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The Two Raddest Albums of 2012

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My attention span for music is pretty short these days so I don’t do much listening to complete albums other than a select few that really get me going. Hence the following short list of rad albums from the past year.     Let us begin.


1: Breakbot – By Your Side

Breakbot is a smooth operator: that’s I like about him so much. His music has a likable funk that is utterly irresistible. Breakbot and his signature sound have been making waves in the blogosphere for years with various EPs, singles, and remixes but By Your Side is his debut full length album. While I was a initially disappointed by the over use of vocals and inclusion of previously released singles, I got over it and have fully embraced the radness of this album. I prefer Irfane’s vocals over Ruckazoid’s, but truly, from the start to finish this album is a joy. Breakbot’s production is second to none and his ability to write corny love songs that seem like they were written in the 70s keep me coming back in a way that make classic rock songs always listenable. My favorite tracks are “A Mile Away” and “Another Dawn.” Don’t miss out the radness this album will bring to your music collection.

Buy By Your Side // iTunes // Beatport // Amazon



2: Kindness – World, You Need a Change of Mind

I’ve been infatuated with Kindness ever since my ears were blessed with the bass line of “Gee Up” (yes I know the song is from 2009, but I just heard it last year). And just look at the dreamy hunk pictured above and tell me you wouldn’t want him serenading you with his funky pop prowess. This album is so good I actually took the time to do a rare track-by-track, semi-serious breakdown of the whole thing – read it here. I mean, that truly is a measure of this album’s radness. You know what else helps? Kindness makes really good music videos – there’s music videos for “Gee Up,” “Cyan,” “House,” and “That’s Alright” and they’re all fun, adorable, ironic, oh they’re just fucking rad! And seriously, “House”song of the year of 2012 for me. You can’t really place Kindness in a standard genre but do know they get  my official approval of being quite rad.

Buy World, You Need a Change of Mind //  iTunes // Amazon // Female Energy Records


Be Rad. Enjoy.

Written by theberad

February 18, 2013 at 12:31 pm

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