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Rad Music // Brothertiger – “Hold the Line”

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Is chillwave still a thing? If it is this song is sooooooo chillwave.

I’ve always been fond of Brothertiger and his ethereal sounds. His newest song that is actually an old song is a hard one to stop listening to once you’ve heard it. The synth melody of the song makes it feel like a journey, a journey filled with lots of basking in the rays of the sun. This song is definitely a goodie to keep the warm summer vibes flowing.

If you’re into high quality sounds, you can download the WAV file directly from the Soundcloud player below, or grab the MP3 if you don’t like to get WAVy.

Brothertiger – “Hold The Line” [mp3 download]

Brothertiger // [website][soundcloud][bandcamp][facebook][twitter]


Be Rad. Enjoy.

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July 15, 2013 at 8:51 am

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