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Rad Music // Goldfish – We Come Together

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Two things I can not go a day without are upbeat music and video games. So, when these two things are combined, really, I struggle to avoid them.

Here is where Goldfish comes in.

Goldfish are a duo, comprised of Dom Peters and David Poole, out of South Africa, who have both been playing music since the tender age of six. Their most recent endeavor is the amazing video for their song, “We Come Together (feat. Sakhile Moleshe).” The video is jam packed with a myriad video game character and pop culture references all stylized in that timeless video game art form: 8-bit. I’ve watched it a few times and seem to find someone or something new each time. It’s a really rad video! The video is one thing, but the song is equally as rad. A mix of styles, Goldfish really let their South African souls come out with notable influences of jazz, samba, and electronic music reaching the surface of eager eardrums. The song skims along the line of cheezy, but it is all too enjoyable to admit – I can definitely imagine hearing this song on the radio.

So sit back, watch this 8-bit video and rock out. Grab the extended version of “We Come Together” after the video so you can enjoy this song further. You won’t be disappointed.

download: “We Come Together (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)” (Goldfish’s Fishy Beat Mix) by Goldfish

Be Rad. Enjoy.

via ilictronix – head there for more funky Goldfish downloads

Written by theberad

May 26, 2011 at 11:16 am