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Raddest skate shop ever // The Bastard Store

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The Bastard Bowl

The Bastard Store is headquarters to the Italian brand Bastard. Their office, includes a street level retail skate shop, The Bastard Bowl (pictured above) and their office (pictured below). A large round of applause is deserved for studiometrico, who designed this amazing interior. Not only is the office/skate shop/park the raddest skate shop I have ever seen, but it is also Arch Daily’s Building of the Year for 2009. Holy cow, I’m envious.

The Office

If I ever make my way to Milan, Italy, I will be sure to stop by The Bastard Store. I think you should consider it as well. I mean, did you see that first picture? Take a gander again. It looks amazing, doesn’t it. I wonder what it feels like to actually skate that thing. Probably really good. Oh gosh, I hope I didn’t get you wet from all my drool. Oops…

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Written by theberad

November 23, 2010 at 12:35 pm