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Rad Playlist – 2018 So Far

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Digital playlists: are they worth anything? They’re more popular as memes than anything else. That says something about their status within modern culture, right? Whatever…

I just made a playlist but I’m thinking of it as a mixtape cause I burned it to a CD. It has to have been close to five years since I last burned a CD. When was the last time you made a playlist? Burned a CD? Or made a mixtape? Try to remember, and take a moment to appreciate the value of physical formats. The care and concern that goes into moving music from the digital ether into the physical realm is an effort worth treasuring. Be sure to indulge in music you can hold in your hands every once in a while. Like the playlist below…

2018 So Far


Be Rad. Enjoy.

Rad Music // Sam Padrul – Hold on Me (ft. Mammals)

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What radness is going on in your life? It’s mid-year and 2016 has no signs of slowing down. Don’t get caught up in the dynamism of your life without stopping to realize how rad your are!

Here’s a perfect song that Sam Padrul just dropped today to remind you that you’re are definitely radical! The chorus is to die for; it pulled me right into feeling good for the rest of this year. I hope it gets you too.


Be Rad. Enjoy!


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July 15, 2016 at 1:00 pm

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