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Rad Music // DEDE

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DEDE is the name  of the musical project by Dede Reynolds and Tim Kvasnosky and, oh baby, I think I’m in love! The musical project, from Brooklyn, takes “a fresh approach to nostalgia” by making music inspired by “a shared love of Serge Gainsbourg, Nico, fashion, Warhol, trip hop and the South of France circa 1967.”

The first song I listened to, that truly made me weak at the knees (even though I wasn’t standing up), was “This Time.” The track starts with some nostalgic sounds – a muffled snare roll and piercing pluck of a guitar string – that instantly transport you to a decade past. Dede’s sultry yet cute vocals then come in slow, but as you listen you can hear something brewing in the background as the drums differentiate up to an amazing release of sound that ends up being the chorus. This is where I lost it – I became completely enveloped in euphoria. The retro organs, the encapsulating vocals – it makes you feel like you’re floating.

This Time by DEDE

Now that you have been seduced by the sounds of DEDE, check out the video for their song “Secrets” to be hypnotized by some visuals. Directed by Aron Kantor, this video should seal the deal. DEDE is rad and you know it.

Definitely keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from DEDE. I know I will.

Be Rad. Enjoy.

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Written by theberad

April 7, 2011 at 10:03 am