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Sound Of Design creates rad art

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I am big on a lot of geeky stuff and when I came across Sound Of Design’s Flickr profile I was in awe; it’s an eyegasmic gold mine. Ty Lettau has created hundreds of minimalistic portraits of characters from a plethora of cult classic geek universes. All are displayed in a minimalistic “Cartooned” fashion similar to the classic media in which some of the characters are taken. There’s sets for Mega Man, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Beyond the video game realm, there are many other sets that are sure to tickle you geeky fancy. I mean, he tackled Star Wars by creating a total of 141 portraits. That work alone is daunting and there’s way more: Street Fighter, Batman, X-Men…the list goes on.

Mega Man // click thru for full set

Young Link // click thru for full set

Chewbacca // click thru for full set

Goomba // click thru for the full set

Ehonda // click thru for full set

Bart Simpson // click thru for full set

Check out Sound Of Design’s Flickr here, and his website here.

Be Rad. Enjoy.

Written by theberad

September 5, 2010 at 10:01 pm